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January 9, 2018

Eyelash rapid growth on the human body without side effects

Eyelash rapid growth on the human body without side effects

This method was used in the past year, upholding the time for about two months, the effect is more significant, and the interval is still not found any side effects so far, but only in my individual skin above the use of effective, do not have to promote the use of Exactness. And in June this year, around the third batch of chemical landmark landmarks announced by our country, I discovered that some disabled codified medicines contained cod liver oil, so if I now use cod liver oil on the skin, Can not guarantee that it will not have adverse effects on the skin.

LOREAL mascara, I recently bought a bottle of Australia's LORALAN PANORAMIC CURL MASCARA, to Australian dollars 21. But do not say to remind you that the general waterproof mascara run out are very Alice, you use the Mink Eyelahes curler clip Into what kind, run out of waterproof mascara after the same camber, to maintain good, but I think the length did not increase much! It does not really waterproof Mink Eyelahes, it can really grow, but even if you put the Mink Eyelahes curler is Alice, it is also collapsed! ! ! ! I suggest you do not use waterproof mascara every day, or you will be very troublesome when makeup, but also difficult to get rid of. . . Well, when you go to work or go to school, use non-waterproof mascara, go to the party or play with waterproof! In addition, I would also like to remind you that I used waterproof mascara almost every day, because it looks God and the eyes look great, but because the effect of mascara when returning home makeup is too strong, In the process, some of the solid particles sticking to the Mink Eyelahes fall into the eyes. . . . Almost inflamed eyes. . . But also lost a lot of Mink Eyelahes. . . Cause my left eye long lashes now, right eye lashes are short! ! ! ! So generally not rainy days or to the party, then do not use too much waterproof mascara!

Naturally growing eyelashes do not have the feeling of three-dimensional, if you want to make your eyelashes more three-dimensional, we recommend that you buy here, eyelashes here is the best quality, after wearing you back to the more beautiful